Sargent’s Experience

Due to our own needs and those of the greater marketplace, we began supplying the Northeast with high-quality aggregate and hot-mix asphalt. Thanks to our decades of experience building projects, we understand how critical it is to build with the best materials available. We take great pride in the quality of the materials we produce.

Our experienced quality control team is ready to serve all your hot mix asphalt needs to include mix designs, submittal packages, laboratory testing, and on-site assistance if needed. Please contact our sales department for current pricing and availability.

Plymouth Quarry

Plymouth Quarry
Our Plymouth facility is an aggregate production facility which includes a wash plant to be able to blend and wash a variety of products as needed. We produce many different aggregate products from large quarried rocks for landscape purposes to fine stone dust.

Hot Mix Asphalt

Hot Mix Asphalt
Sargent currently owns and operates a new state of the art Asphalt Plant operation located in Hermon, and an aggregate production facility located in Plymouth. Both locations can service a vast area surrounding Bangor and the central Maine region.

Custom Crushing

Custom Crushing
We produce washed concrete stone for use in concrete production, MDOT spec sub-base materials, and fine-grade aggregates. We have the ability and experience to produce specialty aggregates for any project.
“There is nothing that this company cannot tackle. It does not matter how many resources are needed or how complex the project is. When Sargent says it will do something, it delivers.”
Rick Albert
Director of Engineering and Plant Operations, Maine General Hospital

2020 Price List

Plymouth Price List
Hermon Price List
Plymouth Price List
Product ID Product Name Standard Price Per Ton

Gravel Products

14210 2" GRAVEL MDOT TYPE A $15.44
14400 3-4" GRAVEL MDOT TYPE B $11.00
14610 6" GRAVEL MDOT TYPE D $10.60
141006 1/2" GRAVEL $5.92

Stone Products

14095 SHOT ROCK $3.95
141004 3/8" STONE $18.39
141008 3/4" STONE $14.91
141010 WASHED 3/4" STONE $21.38
141114 WASHED 3/8" STONE $22.51
142012 1 1/2" STONE $12.15
142112 WASHED 1 1/2" STONE $17.23

Sand Products

141002 CRUSHER DUST $8.87

Rip Rap Products

146000 STONE DITCH PROTECTION 5-9" $11.68
146120 PLAIN RIP RAP 5-18" $12.65
146240 HEAVY RIP RAP 18-36" $12.06

Landscape Products

14000 COMMON BORROW $2.50
146480 BOULDERS $9.27
--- SCALE FEE $7.00
Product Name Standard Price Per Ton
3/8" crushed stone (1.3 tons/cy) $21.25
3/4" crushed stone (1.3 tons/cy) $14.80
Screened Sand (1/2" Minus) (1.35 tons/cy) $11.75
Crusher Dust (1.4 tons/cy) $12.50
Salt and Pepper Gravel (1.4 tons/cy) $1.75
1/2" Gravel (1.45 tons/cy) $7.80
9.5mm Hot Mix Asphalt $66.91
12.5mm Hot Mix Asphalt $65.52
19.0mm Hot Mix Asphalt $62.94
Cold Patch (UPM High Performance Cold Mix) $125.00

Problems We Solved

  • Designed plant operation and customer access for safe and efficient flow and loading of customers’ trucks.
  • Utilization of Natural Gas for plant operation to reduce fuel consumption, carbon footprint, and cost to customers.