What does that mean to you?

Sargent Corporation has a solid reputation with some of the nation’s largest Owners and Developers for “getting it right” on the most environmentally challenging work. Today more than ever environmentally sensitive construction and development projects take special care and experienced partners.  As one of the Northeast’s largest earthmoving firms, Sargent Corporation blends passion for Earthmoving Excellence with decades of successful work on environmentally challenging projects.

Even before it starts, siting and permitting your project can be a long process that is often very public.  Successful Owners and Developers know that every project poses its own unique challenges and are coming to the realization that the earthmoving aspect of much of today’s project implementation can be the single most important part in ensuring smoothness and success.


Flexibility and project savvy

Sargent’s fully-integrated approach gives our customer a great platform to realize project efficiencies. Our ability to develop an earthwork schedule that is responsive to the complex, changing needs of demanding construction projects is a big reason that Sargent Corporation is known as the go-to-earthmoving choice for exacting, critical work.

Excellence is about taking care of the little things…It’s that extra walk around to check erosion and storm water control systems or the late hour visit on a rainy night-just to make sure. When it comes to environmental responsibility, the Sargent crews considers taking the EXTRA care a part of our mission and civic responsibility today and for future generations.