Week One of Foreman Hardskills Training at Sargent Corporation’s Stillwater Location

Investing In People. Our first value, and one that is extremely vital to our growth and success individually and together as a company. 👊🏻 We strive to provide our 1st, 2nd, and Jr. Foreman (“as well as laborers who’ve shown desire, skills, and aptitude to move onto the level of leadership and eventually management”) opportunities to refresh their hard skills and learn new ones; inside and outside a classroom setting.

They’ll be spending some time in the Maintenance Facility setting up power/hand tool stations, in order to perform different tasks related to field operations.

Along with working in the Maintenance Facility, they will learn hazard analysis training and planning as well. There will also be presenters who will be able to assist with any clarifications or questions, too!

This week is the first week out of three weeks of Foreman Hard Skills Training! This week, we caught a glimpse of the guys during one of their classroom training exercises – a project plan and specification exercise. Learning this skillset is essential as plans and specifications are the base of every project, and provide the information one needs for the project!