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Team Health

Dig in for Health

In March 2007, Sargent implemented a new wellness program called Dig in for Health which promotes health and wellbeing for our employees and their families. This voluntary program provides education, resources, and counseling to those who choose to pursue healthier lifestyle choices. In 2010, Sargent was awarded the Wellness Councils of America’s (WELCOA) Gold Well Workplace designation. This level of dedication continues to this day, as 92% of the company’s employees choose to participate in the Dig in for Health program.

“I am grateful that Sargent Corporation has a wellness program and that Derek is good to work with, as he keeps you thinking about how to improve your health. He is very easy to talk with. To have the program available to me, as an employee, is an asset.”
Shawn Newton

Push for Primary Prevention

Wellness and good physical health begin with prevention. Obtaining a primary care physician (PCP), getting regular wellness exams, and “knowing your numbers” (blood pressure, cholesterol, and body mass index) are promoted as frontline prevention methods in the Dig in for Health program.

Health Behavior Change

Health authorities say that 75% of healthcare dollars are spent on the treatment and management of chronic diseases (heart disease, type 2 diabetes, chronic lung diseases, and certain cancers).

These same authorities say that 80% of these chronic diseases could be prevented with the adoption of a healthier lifestyle. The Dig in for Health program provides the resources and support necessary to help individuals determine their health risk profile and accomplish their health and wellness goals.

Resources Sargent Offers

A full-time health coach is available, and they’re accessible on company time. The health coach is a personalized resource to help coordinate all things health and wellness — education, counseling, and regular follow-ups at the direction of each individual.
100% paid-for tobacco cessation products are available to employees and spouses who are motivated and ready to quit tobacco.
An online wellness platform is available to all employees and their spouses. This feature-rich technology helps cultivate daily lifestyle habits and improve individual and population health.
An annual wellness reimbursement for gym memberships, fitness apparel, and equipment, fitness and diet services, etc. This is in addition to competitive health, dental, life, disability, and retirement benefit plans to support employees and their families.

Renewable Energy Work

At Sargent, we recognize that renewable energy sources will play a big part in the future of our nation. That's why we offer a broad selection of services to help energy companies and contractors prepare sites for wind and solar farms. We can clear and grub your site, build roads to help you transport materials in and out, and perform finishing work to make sure your site is ready for windmill or solar panel installations. Check out our work at the Saddleback Wind Farm to see an example of our capabilities.

"I have a lot of respect for the people at Sargent. They always do what is right, and that's what is most important."
Bill Olver
Consulting Engineer, Olver Associates

Sustainable Operations

Our mission is to support our clients and our communities by making the most of every resource available. We strongly believe in making our operations as sustainable and responsible as possible, and we're launching several initiatives to help us achieve this goal. At Sargent, we aim to improve our nation's infrastructure while also ensuring that we're not doing any harm for future generations.

Sargent Cares

We believe in being the best construction contractor possible, but it's even more important that we give back to our communities. We're in the construction industry for more reasons than just money. By pitching in to help out in our local communities, we take a crucial step toward bettering ourselves and the places we call home. Sargent is a big supporter of the United Way of Eastern Maine, Habitat for Humanity, and the Old Town Orono YMCA, along with several other organizations that we support anonymously.

“The company has a simple approach and builds good relationships. You can trust Sargent — their leadership, their field management, all the way to the operators and the equipment. The company takes pride in its work. It will always maintain the schedule and be fair and safe. It’s clear this is understood throughout the organization.”
Art Cavanagh
President & COO, Reed & Reed

Improving Our Industry

We love our industry and we have bold visions for the future of construction. That's why we're actively involved in several great trade organizations, including the Maine Better Transportation Association (MBTA), Associated General Contractors of Maine, Associated Builders and Contractors of Maine, and Construction Financial Management Association of Maine. Many members of our management team serve on industry boards in leadership positions. In 2020, Herb Sargent and Sargent Corporation teamed up to donate $50,000 to MBTA for a scholarship fund in honor of Tim Folster, our recently retired Vice President of Operations.