Sargent Corporation completes runway at Stephen A. Bean Municipal Airport in Rangeley, Maine

One of our core values: Winning in the Field — a philosophy that our executional spirit — driven by safety, dedication, and mutual fairness — will produce exceptional outcomes and a win for all involved.

Superintendent Adam Tenan’s crew were given 84 days to completely rebuild and extend the runway at Stephen A. Bean Municipal Airport in Rangeley, Maine.

At task? 150,000 cubic yards of excavation; nearly 100,000 cubic yards of crushed aggregate base course; 20,000 cubic yards of stone amendment; 11,000 lineal feet of underdrain; runway lighting and approach appurtenances by our lighting sub, Moulison; and 11,000 tons of hot mix asphalt by Pike Industries, our paving sub. Kudos also to Maine Drilling & Blasting for turning one huge rock into 400,000 cubic yards of smaller ones in preparation for extension embankment and crushing.

Thanks to all the above, the runway was opened last Saturday (21st) in just 76 days.

Just ahead of foliage season.

That’s Winning in the Field! 👊🏻