Sargent start solar projects in Milo & Fairfield, Maine

At Sargent, we are no strangers to renewable energy projects – having worked on countless hydroelectric power and wind farm projects throughout the northeast – but last week we began work on our very first solar energy projects.

The projects, in Fairfield, ME, and Milo, ME, are being overseen by site supervisor Brent Williams. Brent has a nonstop positive attitude and willingness to do “whatever it takes” that makes him a perfect fit for these fast-paced endeavors.

In 4 days last week, our crews safely installed over 2,000 linear feet of gravel access roads at the Fairfield site and will have almost 2,500 linear feet of access roads built at the Milo site this week.

We hope to work on more solar projects in the future and aid in “…producing exceptional “wins” for everyone involved!” 👊