Sargent Crews Repair 6 Arch Bridges in Acadia National Park

Sargent Corporation crews repaired six arch bridges in Acadia National Park in a project for the National Park Service that began in the fall of 2014 and was completed in the summer of 2015.

Sargent was a subcontractor to the general contractor, E. L. Shea of Ellsworth.

Pg 23 Acadia Arch Bridges 3The bridges were arch bridges with stonework that had degraded over the years. The repairs included installation of a membrane liner system to ensure that water drained down the sides of the bridge, rather than infiltrate through the bridge structure causing damage.

On three of the bridges, Sargent crews had to excavate the gravel off the top of the bridge, install the membrane across the width of the bridge, and then replace the gravel and repave the bridge surface.

On the other three bridges, just the shoulder area had to be repaired. The crew cut the pavement back, excavated the shoulder material, put the membrane liner system in place, and put the gravel back on.

Freshwater Stone of Orland did the stone work—pointing, bedding, and sealing cracks—as a subcontractor to Sargent.  C. A. Newcomb of Carmel did the guard rail work, also as a subcontractor.

Work started in the fall of 2014. Two bridges were scheduled for repairs in 2014, but Sargent completed four—one with full depth reconstruction and three with just the shoulders. The remaining two bridPg 23 Acadia Arch Bridgesges were completed in the spring and summer of 2015. Sargent crews finished their work in July; Freshwater Stone continued working until the end of August.

Chris Lynch was the superintendent in the fall of 2014; Adam Tenan finished the job as superintendent in 2015. Tim Folster was the operations manager, Travis Fernald was the project manager, and Dave Preble was the estimator.

The project required 2,000 cubic yards of excavation and 25,000 cubic yards of gravel. A total of 29,000 square feet of geocomposite and membrane was placed on top of the bridges.