Sargent Corporation Wins 2019 Richard J Haines Memorial Award For Safety Excellence

Sargent Corporation is honored to receive the Richard J Haines Memorial Award For Safety Excellence by the Construction Services Group Trust for our outstanding safety record! The award is given to those who meet the criteria (below), ideals that Richard strove to implement, and who go an extra mile to do “the right things to foster an injury and incident free working environment” for all.

Commitment: Both to employee safety and the well being of the Group.

Persistence: Always striving for excellence on loss prevention, safety, claims management & return to work.

Participation: Involvement & active participation on Group activities.

Performance: Generally solid & overall profitable contribution to the Trust.

Consistency: Long-term effort without complacency.

This is our second time wining the award! Thank you, to all of our employees for your daily dedication & hard work in making each & every day safer than the next!