Sargent Corporation helps sponsor Skills USA’s Heavy Duty Equipment Contest!

Investing In People…

Last week at the Virginia State Fair, Sargent Corporation helped sponsor Skills USA’s Heavy Duty Equipment Contest between Goochland Tech and The College and Career Academy at Prudent. The two schools provide programs that are dedicated to the CTE industries in the State of Virginia.

To win at the skills competition, students had to participate in two timed events. The first event students had to lift cones with a backhoe using a handle on the cone, making a 90-degree rotation. Next, they had to set the cones down on a bucket without dropping them!

The second event was a golf ball challenge. A spoon was purposely attached to the tooth of the Excavator bucket meanwhile, a golf ball was placed on the spoon. Students had to lift the bucket from the ground and complete a 180-degree rotation while navigating over a 4-foot obstacle. To finish, they had to drop the golf ball in a 4-inch pipe. The event only allowed for two attempts per participant!

Congratulations to all the students who beat the challenges!!

Thank you Scott Bartlett and Justin Embrey for your help leading and judging the competition!