Sargent Corporation crews have started work on a Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade Project in Caribou, Maine

Sargent Corporation crews have begun work on a wastewater treatment facility upgrade project in Caribou, Maine. The project team has been installing aeration piping and concrete “deadmen” which will anchor the diffusers in the lagoons.

Veteran Superintendent Peter Broberg just celebrated his 27th anniversary with the company and is overseeing the project in the field. Peter is one of the most dedicated and detail-oriented people, and his ability to plan and execute the work is evident as soon as you step foot on one of his well-organized job sites.

Merrell Bros., Inc. is on-site cleaning out lagoon #3 and will be performing the sludge pressing on the project. Last week we encountered an unforeseen condition and Brayden Merrell of Merrell Brothers, Inc. told our team, “We are the type of company that just tries harder and gets it done no matter what, and we plan to do just that.” We appreciate and respect that, Brayden, and strive to operate in the same manner. One of the values we live by is: “Doing the right thing…Regardless of personal or financial consequences, we conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity.” It is rewarding when we get to work with others that share that same philosophy. 🙌🏻

Photo Credit: Peter Broberg & Brayden Merrell