Sargent Corporation crews breaking ground on the Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade project in Eastport, Maine

Earlier this month Sargent Corporation crews began work on a Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade project in Eastport, Maine.

Once erosion and sedimentation control measures were put in place – the first order of business was to begin a large excavation for a 20’ x 20’ x 22’ tall concrete sludge storage tank.

Safety planning is the top priority and crucial first step to successfully executing a challenging task, but it does not end there. Keith Edgecomb, site superintendent for Sargent Corporation, began this planning process several months ago and coordinated his work plan with Stan Clark of Penta Corporation, the GC on the project.

Many hours of thought and planning take place behind closed doors before a shovel – or in this case a 4 cubic yard excavator bucket controlled by veteran operator Dave Scott – hits the ground. Make no mistake, the sight of Dave expertly loading trucks will garner the attention of passersby – but just as crucial to the success of the venture are all the unseen folks that acquire the work, plan the work, and ensure the work is executed safely, efficiently, and with high quality. 👊