Sargent Corporation completed major milestone on the Lubec Box Culvert Project!

Winning in the Field. A continuous goal we have with every project we step foot on. A collaborative effort between our group of employee-owners and the owners, subcontractors, engineers, and our community. Together, we all strive for the same outcome – a win for all involved. 👊🏻

Last week we completed a major milestone two days ahead of schedule on the Lubec Box Culvert project in Lubec, Maine. We had a seven-day window to replace the existing culvert with a new box culvert. To accomplish this, we needed to close the road and install detour signage as far away as Calais, Maine. This required upfront coordination with the Town of Lubec, and Maine Department of Transportation as well.

After we closed the road on Tuesday, we took the existing culvert out. On Thursday afternoon, we started installing the new culvert and set the last section on Friday night. We backfilled on Saturday, and by Sunday morning the road was reopened and two days ahead of schedule!

To accomplish this milestone ahead of schedule, the crew worked long hours over the weekend. We wouldn’t have completed this milestone ahead of schedule without the dedication and exceptional spirit from not just our team, but everyone involved! We’d like to thank Thomas DiCenzo Inc. for the use of their crane, Maine Department of Transportation, the Town of Lubec, surrounding businesses/agencies, and the residents/commuters in the community!