Sargent Construction Academy goes to Bethlehem, NH

Last Friday evening, the 15 students/employees attending Sargent Construction Academy made the trip from the training facility in Stillwater to the North Country Environmental Landfill project in Bethlehem, New Hampshire.  They were asked to help remove a significant amount of silt, gravel and debris in the cell currently under construction.  The material washed into the cell and onto the liner during a rain event earlier in the month and needed to be removed for the project to continue.  They arrived at the project early Saturday morning and spent the next 9 1/2 hours working with other Sargent employees shoveling the material into wheelbarrows and bringing it to the edge of the cell where Joe Conn in the excavator loaded it out and onto the slope of the existing landfill.  They had a good first day in the field and where happy to help out with the challenge facing the crew at the project.  They are looking forward to getting out to the projects in early August.