Sargent Construction Academy Class of 2017 Graduates

Last week, Sargent Construction Academy successfully completed its second season with 13 students going to projects throughout New England on Monday, July 31st.  During their six weeks of training we used a combination of classroom, hands-on activities, field trips, outside presenters and several small projects at the Stillwater Shop and Old Town Rec Center to develop a base level of knowledge.  The areas we focused on were safety, basic equipment inspection and operation, as well as instrument setup, use and grade work.  Projects included two new parking areas at the Old Town Rec Center where 4 teams of students developed a proposal and presented it to the director of the Center.  The parking area behind the Sargent Materials office was expanded and the conex box was relocated, while making adustments to the drainage around the building.  At the maintenance shop, several ditches were graded so water drained properly, a road behind the welding shop was regraded, two sets of gates were removed, regraded and leveled.  And one of their favorite projects was cleaning the structures and flushing the lines of the storm drain system at the shop.   We wish them all the best of luck in the field and welcome them to the team!