Sargent Constructing 9-Acre Landfill Cell In Bethlehem, NH

Sargent Corporation is about halfway through a project to construct a 9-acre cell at Casella Waste Management’s North Country Environmental Services landfill in Bethleham, NH.

The project, called NCES Landfill Stage V, was split into two pieces.  Phase 1, a little under five acres, was completed in 2015.  Phase 2, about four acres, will be completed in 2016.

“They didn’t need the entire project completed this year,” said Colby Currier, operations manager for Sargent. “They decided to do it one half at a time.”

Bethlehem, NH LandfillPhase 1 included moving 90,000 cubic yards of surplus excavation, which was hauled off site; 20,000 cubic yards of cut-to-fill, which was used to build  a new roadway and two new sedimentation ponds; and 12,000 cubic yards of waste excavation to tie into an existing sump.

To reach the base grade for the new cell, the crew had to move some excavation and put it into fill. They also had to relocate some gas collection and leachate force main lines.

Construction of the cell started with a 12” till layer at bottom and sides, totaling 9,000 cubic yards in phase 1, followed by a 60 mil HDPE secondary liner supplied by the owner; a secondary geocomposite layer; a 12” secondary sand layer totaling 4,100 cubic yards with secondary leachate collection pipe; a primary liner and geocomposite layer; and an 18” thick layer of leachate collection stone, including primary leachate collection piping and 14” gas header piping.

The project required 1,300 linear feet of 8” HDPE pipe, 2,200 linear feet of 4”-14” landfill gas pipe, 1,400 linear feet of 3” leachate force main, and 600 linear feet of 18” to 36” drainage pipe.

Subcontractors included RTD Enterprises of Madison, ME, liner subcontractor; Camp Pre-Cast Concrete Products, Milton, VT, precast materials; Isco Industries, pipe materials; and Trans-America Hydroseeding, St. Johnsbury, VT.

Stone material was provided by the owner.

Colby said the owners, Casella Waste Management, were great to work with. “They were a good group of people,” he said.

Bethlehem, NH Landfill In addition, Colby cited Robert Grillo of CMA Engineering, who was in charge of landfill design, and Stephan Kjellander of CMA, who was the on-site inspector.

For Sargent, Katrina Morgan was the superintendent, Ian McCarthy was the project manager, and Pat Dubay was the estimator.

The foremen were Clayton White and Alex Hardy. Brian Pinard and Reggie Weglarz were the excavator operators, Steve Smith was the bulldozer operator, John Turner was the water truck operator and roller operator (dust control was very important), and Nate Huntington and R. J. Russell were the rear dump operators.

Work on the project started at the end of June and was completed just before Thanksgiving. The second half of the cell will be built in 2016.


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