0.55 EMR

Sargent has an EMR of 0.55 (as of 1/1/2021) thanks to the dedication and daily safety efforts of our employee-owners. EMR (experience modification rating) is a metric used to set workers’ compensation insurance rates. A score of < 1.0 indicates high safety standards and results. While this metric doesn’t tell the entire story of our safety program, it’s a strong indicator of how safely our people perform.

Experience Modification Rate (EMR) explained

Safety Approach

New Hire Training
New Hire Training
Continuing Training
7 to 1 Initiative

New Hire Training

Safety starts on day one with training, regardless of prior experience.

Every new Sargent team member goes through a safety orientation program before they head to work. Upon completion of orientation, our site supervisors train everyone in the field on the specific tasks they will perform in a real-world setting.

Training isn't a one-time conversation at Sargent. We offer training for any new tasks our employee-owners encounter to ensure they know all the hazards and best practices surrounding every job.


Sargent superintendents, foremen, equipment operators, and safety committee members perform daily safety inspections while our safety team performs comprehensive weekly inspections.

Our teams address potential hazards or safety issues immediately. To teach the entire company, we share safety incidents company-wide to prevent the same issues from occurring twice on any of our job sites.

Continuing Training

Safety isn’t a one-time discussion. Technology, equipment, and methods are ever-changing, so we do everything we can to train our teams as better ways to work safely emerge.

Additionally, no one ever knows everything when it comes to safety. There’s always more to learn, and by offering continuous training, we’re able to show our teams how important working safely is at Sargent.

7 to 1 Initiative

Sargent’s 7:1 Initiative is based on the ratio of safety professionals to total team members at Sargent. While we currently have a ratio of 10:1, our goal is to decrease that ratio to 7:1 by having all of our foremen become trained safety professionals—those willing to stand up and say something when a hazard exists.

Zero-Accidents Program
Our zero-accidents program is a major part of our safety efforts. This initiative helps promote a culture of safety and reminds all Sargent employee-owners of this goal every day.

Safety Team

There is an old American proverb that states, “better safe than sorry.” It’s that basic. Safety is the common denominator of every activity we perform.

As a company, we believe building America is a noble calling and a task worth accomplishing. We believe no productivity or profit level justifies exposing our people to undue hazards. We will always strongly prefer mitigating hazards instead of managing injuries.

Safety Director: Adam Kasprzak

Adam is a 25-year veteran of the safety field and has worked his entire career in construction. After being honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps, Adam moved back to Maine and obtained an electrician’s license after a four-year apprenticeship. Adam lives in Newport with his bride of 40 years, Suz.

Safety Specialist: Arthur Herbest

Arthur has more than 20 years in the safety field. He started his safety career with Champion International at the Costigan mill. This is his third tour with Sargent. Arthur retired with 23 years of military service from the United States Marine Corps and Maine Army National Guard. He has been married to his wife Julie since 1988.

Safety Specialist: Justin Embrey

Justin has been working in human resources since 2002 and took on new responsibilities in safety when he joined Sargent in 2016. He strives to provide people with productive and safe career options in the construction industry.