Saddleback Wind Farm - Sargent

Saddleback Wind Farm

Patriot Renewables, LLC
Carthage, Maine
Services Provided
General Contractor

Key Facts

  • The Saddleback Ridge Wind Project is a 34.2 megawatt, 12 GE’s 2.85 MW turbines.
  • The project included construction of a 9,000’ access road leading up to the ridge line and a 9,000’ crane path roadway with 12 pads for the wind turbines on Saddleback Ridge.
  • The project generated about 40,000 cubic yards of grubbings and required 90,000 cubic yards of ledge excavation. About 30,000 cubic yards of the ledge excavations are being processed into gravel, and the remainder will be used for fill.
  • The crews installed 14,000 linear feet of conduit trench on the ridge line, along with 2,000 linear feet of drainage pipe.