Landfill Cell 14 - Sargent

Landfill Cell 14

Republic Services of North Carolina, LLC.
Aulander, North Carolina
Services Provided
General Contractor

Key Facts

  • The construction of the 7.5 acre municipal solid waste landfill cell at the East Carolina Landfill in Aulander, NC began in March 2019; and was completed towards the end of 2019.
  • 160,000 cubic yards of structural fill excavated from an on-site borrow area to fill in Cell 14.
  • Proof roll and prep of the existing cell area
  • 24,500 cubic yards of clay liner material excavated from the on-site borrow area to be placed in the cell.
  • 1,271 linear feet of liner tie-in preparation at existing Cell 13.
  • 1,040 linear feet of 8” HDPE leachate collection piping and cleanouts.
  • 1,920 linear feet of 4” HDPE secondary leachate collection pipe.
  • 300 linear feet of 24” HDPE sump riser pipes and associated containment headwall.
  • 21,400 cubic yards of protective cover sand from an on-site borrow area. 2,400 cubic yards of washed protective cover sand from an on-site stockpile.
  • 400 linear feet of 2”x4” and 6”x10” dual contained HDPE forcemain piping, including a leachate manhole and associated internal plumbing.
  • 400 linear feet of 24” corrugated metal and HDPE storm drain piping.
  • 1,400 square yards of access road construction.
  • Erosion and sediment control, including maintenance of existing controls, cleanup, and stabilization of the disturbed borrow areas.