Walmart Mechanized Distribution Center

Lewiston, Maine
Services Provided
Utility Installation and Earthwork
Site Development

Project Overview

This project took Sargent crews to a 170-acre site in Lewiston to help with the construction of two buildings occupying a total of 17 acres. We performed 1.8 million cubic yards of earthwork on this project and installed all utilities, including drainage pipe, roof drain lines, water line, and sewer main. We also installed 23 hydrants, 38 fire risers, 20 manholes, a sewage pump station, and five water storage ponds.

The production requirements and the schedule were both aggressive on this project. One major challenge was the fact that the job site was in a high-traffic residential area. We worked 10 hours a day for six days a week to achieve earthwork production levels exceeding 24,000 CY per day.

Scope of Work

  • 1.8 million CY earthwork

  • 7,376 LF of drainage pipe

  • 7,000 LF of roof drain lines

  • 16,500 LF of water line

  • 7,000 LF of sewer main