Swetts Pond Dam Rehabilitation

Orrington, Maine

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Town of Orrington
One Municipal Way
Orrington, ME 04474

Project Type



Olver Associates
290 South Main Street
Winterport, ME 04496

Calderwood Engineering
222 River Road
Richmond, ME 04357

Start / Finish

Spring 2014 - October 2014

Description / Significance

This project’s original design called for installation of a CIP Concrete dam utilizing traditional forming methods.  Through various conversations with the Town and their engineering team, Sargent Corporation proposed precasting the dam panels and filling the void space behind the precast panels with concrete.  This unique concept minimized the duration of in-water work and helped lessen the environmental impact to the existing outlet stream.  The in-stream dam work took about half the time it would have taken to complete the project using traditional formwork and casting methods.

Work included:

  • Stopping the water migration through the existing hand-laid stone dam
  • Construction of sand bag cofferdam behind existing dam
  • Installation of HDPE pipes to allow water to flow through work area to outlet downstream of dam
  • Formed footing to support precast panels
  • Positioned precast panels on footings and secured so that concrete core could be poured in place