Second Roach Pond Dam

T1R9 WELS, Maine

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Appalachian Mountain Club
5 Joy Street
Boston, MA 02108

Project Type

Dam Reconstruction


99 Main Street
Topsham, ME 04086

Start / Finish

September 10, 2015 - October 9, 2015

Description / Significance

This project consisted of the demolition of the existing dam that had been built too high and the construction of a new “nature-like” rock spillway, including:

  • A small low-flow channel fishway, also made of cobbles, but deeper so fish can pass during periods of low water.
  • Primary spillway, which is the 70 foot wide section of the dam, is also roughened with rocks and boulders to provide for the passable conditions at high flows.
  • Installation of temporary culverts to ensure constant flow while reconstruction occurred.
  • Installed of 60-mil HDPE liner, placed vertically all the way across the dam.