Rollins Wind Farm

Lincoln, Lee & Burlington, Maine

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First Wind

Project Type

Wind Power


Fay, Spofford & Thorndike / Stantec

Start / Finish

2010 - 2011

Description / Significance

The project included 14 miles of access roads, 40 turbine pads, and site development work for the wind farm substation.

The project was split in half by Route 6, with 18 towers to the north on Rollins Mountain and 22 towers to the south on Rocky Dundee Road.

Work on the project started in September 2010 and continued through the winter. The job was completed in June 2011.

The project included over 250,000 cubic yards of earth and rock to be excavated and process to build access roads and crane paths to the 40 turbine pads.  Additionally, Sargent’s scope of work included storm water management, and erosion control.