Record Hill Wind Farm

Roxbury, Maine

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Independence Wind

Project Type

Wind Farm


James W. Sewall Company

Start / Finish

2010 - 2011

Description / Significance

The EPC contractor was Reed & Reed.  The project included building the 22 Siemens turbines with a combined compacity of 50.6 megawatts.  Sargent’s scope of work included , excavation and backfill for 22 concrete foundations, project substation and trenching for the  electrical collector system.

The project included constructing  6.21 miles of access roads and crane paths.

Additionally, Sargent was responsible for the environmental and storm water management systems.  Once the project was complete the access roads were reduced back to 16 feet wide roads to be used for general maintenance over the life of the project.

Over 500,000 cubic yards of earth and ledge were moved and processed to allow access for construction equipment and tower components to be delivered to the site.