Princeton – Airport Runway Reconstruction

Princeton, Maine

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Town of Princeton
15 Depot Street
Princeton, Maine 04668
Jason Theriault - Vice Chair, Town Council

Project Type

Runway & Taxiway Reconstruction


25 Sweden Street
Suite B2
Caribou, Maine 04736-2503
Seth Lovley - Project Manager

Start / Finish

August 2017 - November 2017

Description / Significance

This project required the reconstruction of 4,300 linear feet of runway including a 20 foot fill on the south end to bring the runway up to compliance.  Crews also reconstructed portions of Taxiways A & B and constructed a new Taxiway C.  This contract required the airport to shut down for 100 days while our team completed the project.  Rock excavation was completed using a D10 dozer and excavators with hoe rams.

Work Included:

  • 92,000 cubic yards of Common Borrow
  • 20,000 cubic yards of Rock Excavation
  • 77,000 cubic yards of Reclaiming
  • 48,000 cubic yards of Subbase Gravel (P154)
  • 8,900 cubic yards of Base Gravel (P208)
  • 8,900 linear feet of Underdrain
  • 6,500 linear feet of Storm Drain with 12 Basins
  • 11,000 linear feet of electrical trenching
  • 7,400 tons of Asphalt (M401)

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