Prince William Landfill Sequence 4 Cap Construction

Prince William Board of County Supervisors
Manassas, VA
Services Provided
General Contractor

Project Overview

Scope of Work

  • Site preparation, including stripping topsoil.

  • Installation of erosion and sediment controls, including sediment basins.

  • Installation of 1,500 linear feet of 4”/6”/8” HDPE LFG lateral pipe, 600 linear feet of 6” HDPE LFG header pipe (to replace existing pipe) and 4 LFG extraction wells.

  • Installation of 3,000 linear feet of stormwater diversion berms

  • Installation of 2,200 linear feet of 6” horizontal LFG collector pipe and wellheads, 1,900 linear feet of 6”/8” toe drain pipe, and 1,300 linear feet of 18”/30”/36” corrugated HDPE down drains.

  • Placement of 30,000 cubic yards of infiltration soil and 35,000 cubic yards of vegetative support soil from on-site borrow areas

  • Installation of the sediment basin, riser structure, and outlet piping.

  • Placement of 10,000 cubic yards of topsoil (Sargent had to amend the on-site soil with imported compost to make the topsoil).

  • Sargent crews also constructed an access bench/road across the cap area and did the final site stabilization.