Portland Jetport

City of Portland
Portland, Maine
Services Provided
Construction of Runway 11 Bypass and Perimeter Service Road Alignment

Project Overview

This project consisted of the installation of numerous drainage structures and piping, the construction of an underground vault with an automated valve system, and an expansion to the existing deicing pad to provide the airport with the ability to deice multiple aircraft simultaneously.

The CIP concrete deicing apron covered roughly 1.5 acres. We installed 500 linear feet of trench drain to capture the deicing fluid and circulate it back to the on-site glycol processing plant. In addition, we constructed an underground vault with automated valves, allowing the airport to channel clean water to the normal drainage systems during warm weather. When deicing aircraft, the fluid is directed to a 500,000-gallon underground holding tank for future processing.

We worked under tight time constraints on this job due to the long lead time for acquiring specialized materials. As a result, our crews had to be careful not to step on each other’s toes, as we had several crews working on completely different tasks in the same area. Of course, the fact that the airport was still open was another challenge, as we had to be careful not to disrupt its ongoing operations.

Scope of Work

  • 1.5-acre CIP concrete deicing apron

  • 500 LF of trench drain

  • 500,000-gallon underground water holding tank