Mars Hill Wind Farm

Mars Hill, Maine

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Evergreen Wind Power, LLC

UPC Wind Management, LLC

Project Type

Wind Power


James W. Sewall Company

Start / Finish

September 2005 - September 2006

Description / Significance

The Mars Hill Wind Farm is situated on a partially developed ridgeline in Mars Hill, Maine.  The wind farm consists of 28 wind turbines, 4 miles of new and upgraded existing roads, 4 miles of underground 35 KV power collection lines, .9 miles of overhead 35 KV power collection lines, a substation, delivery lines and a switching station.

Sargent Corporation was contracted to clear 75 acres and construct the 30’ wide access roads, 260’ diameter tower pads, the substation and switching station site work and pads, as well as the excavation and backfilling for the underground collection lines and tower foundations.

The work scope included drilling, blasting, excavation and filling of nearly 500,000 cubic yards of rock and earth, installation of approximately 3000 linear feet of drainage pipe, 20,000 linear feet of buried conduit and over 50 acres of site restoration.

Sargent worked closely with the Owner from project conception and into construction.  This partnership developed the most economical and effective roadway network and tower pad location to best utilizes the natural onsite resources.