Augusta Maine General Medical Center

Augusta, Maine

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Maine General Medical Center

Project Type




Start / Finish

August 2011 - September 2013

Description / Significance

This project was an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), which is “a collaborative alliance of people, systems, business structures and practices into a process that harnesses the talents and insights of all participants to optimize project results, increase value to the owner, reduce waste, and maximize efficiency through all phases of design, fabrication, and construction.”

Sargent worked through nights and the winter excavating and backfilling foundations and installing underground utilities.

Sargent was responsible for:

  • 200,000 cubic yards of excavation to fill
  • 90,000 cubic yards of excavation hauled off site
  • 42,000 cubic yards of structural excavation
  • 83,000 cubic yards of granular borrow
  • 40,000 cubic yards of Type D gravel
  • 22,000 cubic yards of Type A gravel
  • 110,000 cubic yards of aggregate gravels crushed and screened

Sargent installed 42,000 linear feet of outside piping for storm drains, sewer and water, two stream crossings needing multi-plate culverts installed and a number of retaining walls. Numerous sedimentation ponds were around the site early on to help with erosion control, which was important being adjacent to an existing brook.  A fast start and great cooperation led to this job being 6 months ahead of schedule for a total project valued at $322 million.