Hilltop Village Center

WRI Hilltop Village
Alexandria, Virginia
Services Provided
Full Site Development
Site Development

Project Overview

This project saw Sargent crews perform comprehensive site work for a new commercial development, anchored by a Wegmans supermarket. Part of this project was located over an existing CDD landfill cap area.

Sargent’s scope of work on this job included earthwork, concrete crushing, curbs and gutters, water line, sanitary sewer, storm drain, precast box culverts, retaining walls, paving, and milling. In addition, we installed fences, guardrails, and steel handrails. We also demolished a fuel tank and made improvements to an offsite road and the landfill entrance.

Scope of Work

  • 400,000 CY earthwork

  • 94,500 CY surcharge

  • 30,000 CY concrete crushing

  • 75,000 SY aggregate base

  • 5,000 CY stone layer (wick drain)

  • 24,000 LF curb and gutter

  • 5,500 LF water line

  • 1,800 LF sanitary sewer

  • 9,200 LF storm drain (12"-66")

  • 585 LF 6x4 precast box culvert

  • 16,250 SF retaining walls

  • 25,000 tons asphalt paving

  • 10,000 SY asphalt milling