Granite Reliable Wind

Coos County, New Hampshire

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Brookfield Renewable Power

Project Type

Wind Power


James W. Sewall Company

Start / Finish

2011 - 2012

Description / Significance

Granite Reliable Wind Farm is a 99-megawatt wind farm, opened in 2011 in Millsfield and Dixville, New Hampshire, in the northeast United States. Owned by Brookfield Renewable, it is the second major wind-power installation in the state of New Hampshire. Most of the electricity generated will be sold to utilities in Vermont, Central Vermont Public Service and Green Mountain Power.

This high elevation project included 14 miles of upgrading the main access road to 3 peaks (Dixville, Owlhead/Mt Kelsey and Fishbrook)  and 10.4 miles of new access roads and crane paths including 33 turbine pads, and site development work for the wind farm substation.

The project included over 500,000 cy if earth and rock to be excavated and process to build access roads and crane path to the 40 turbine pads.  Additionally, Sargent’s scope of work included storm water management, and erosion control.

The access roads on the ridge was constructed 34 feet wide to allow the crane to move from one tower pad to the next.  When the turbines were complete, the roadway was narrowed to 16 feet by adding loam material along the sides to encourage natural re-vegetation.

The majority of the towers were located at elevations above 2,700 feet, and some were as high as 3,400 feet.