Gardiner Over-the-Road Toll Plaza

Maine Turnpike Authority
West Gardiner, Maine
Services Provided
Construction of Open-Road Tolling Conversion at Exit 103
Highway + Roadwork

Project Overview

On this project, Sargent crews replaced the existing toll plaza with six new cash toll lanes and four new open-road tolling high-speed lanes. We also constructed a new toll administration building with a new access road and parking area, as well as new toll booths and a bridge over the booths. Additionally, we demolished the existing administration building, built tunnel access to the northbound and southbound toll booths, realigned the travel lanes, and installed new highway signs, precast barriers, and overhead lighting.

One of the major keys to this job was phasing traffic to open up different work areas as we progressed through the project. This job also had several subcontractors involved, so we needed to coordinate our work carefully, as many of the activities performed by the subcontractors were tied together and reliant on the completion of other tasks.

Scope of Work