East Branch Lake Dam & Nature – Like Fishway

East Branch Lake, T3R9, Maine

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Penobscot Indian Nation
2 Down Street
Old Town, ME 04468

Project Type

Dam Reconstruction


99 Main Street
Topsham, ME 04086
Joseph McLean, PE Project Manager

Start / Finish

August 2016

Description / Significance

This project consisted of providing fish passage at the outlet of East Branch Lake.  The previous outlet was a breach through a degraded, earthen dam that was impassable during most Spring flows.  The outlet was widened and three rock weirs now provide upstream and downstream fish passage to contribute to the state’s goal to restore alewife populates and resident fish, such as brook trout.

This project included:

  • Widened the streambed to 25 feet
  • Constructing 3 rock weirs 15 feet apart
  • Installed footer rocks below final grade