Castine PH 2 Infrastructure

Castine, Maine

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Town of Castine
67 Court Street
Castine, Maine 04421

Project Type

Public Works


Underground Infrastructure:
Olver Associates
290 South Main Street
Winterport, Maine 04496

Landscape & Surface Features:
WBRC Architects and Engineers
44 Central Street
Bangor, Maine 04401

Start / Finish

September 2015 - December 2015

Description / Significance

This project required close attention to detail to preserve the historic appearance of the town.  Once completed the town had new sewer, water and no overhead power or utility lines.

Work included:

  • 5,000 linear feet of sewer pipe
  • 4,000 linear feet of water line
  • 4,000 linear feet of storm drain
  • 10,000 linear feet of conduit trenches
  • 11,000 cubic yards of excavation for roads and sidewalks
  • 11,000 cubic yards of gravel