Butler Treatment Facility Ozone Upgrade – Liquid Oxygen System

Bangor Water District
Bangor, Maine
Services Provided
General Contractor
Municipal + Utility

Project Overview

Scope of Work

  • Construction consisted of an installation of a new liquid oxygen (LOX) storage and feed system at the Bangor Water District’s Butler Treatment Facility in Otis as Phase 1 of 2 of their facilities upgrades.

  • The project also required relocating an existing 24” diameter ductile iron drain line from the ozone contact chamber that ran under the proposed LOX equipment pad.

  • The Butler facility uses ozone and ultraviolet light to disinfect drinking water from Floods Pond in Otis.

  • Phase one of the project included the installation of a 6,000 gallon liquid oxygen storage tank and vaporizer system, a fiber optic SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system, water and drainage piping, and underground gaseous oxygen (GOX) piping to carry the gas into the ozone generator building.