Army National Guard Training Institute

Bangor, Maine

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Maine Army National Guard

Government Project #:

Project Type



Burns & McDonnell A/E

Start / Finish

June 2009 - June 2011

Description / Significance

Sargent Corporation moved approximately 80,000 cubic yards of blasted rock in approximately 3 weeks to bring the site to subgrade. 30,000 cubic yards of onsite rock excavation was crushed and used as gravel in the parking areas. Two large underground detention systems beneath the parking areas were installed to handle the onsite stormwater.

In addition to the onsite work 1000 feet of 8” sewer piping and 1,200 feet of 4” gas line were installed in the public access road leading to the site.

Sargent Corporation provided value engineering ideas to eliminate a retaining wall which resulted in significant savings for the owner.