Our story begins in

Humble Beginnings

Sargent Corporation traces its beginnings to 1926 in Alton, Maine, when a young man named Herbert E. Sargent bought a used Reo dump truck and set out to make a living. In the early years, he hired out his truck in the summers and cut wood and plowed snow in the winters.

Sargent Growth

The demand for Herb’s work ethic, reliability, and integrity grew quickly. By 1930, he had acquired a small fleet of trucks to go with a power shovel and a bulldozer.

Son Joins the Company

Herb grew his business over the ensuing decades, with his son, Jim, joining the company full-time in 1957. Jim proved to be a catalyst for growth as he continued to build on Herb’s reputation as an honest and reliable contractor.

Jim Becomes President

In 1975, Herb retired and Jim became president of H.E. Sargent, Inc.

H. E. Sargent Sold to Razel

In 1988, the family sold the company to Razel, a much larger construction firm from Paris, France. By that time, Jim’s son, Herb R. Sargent, had worked full-time for the company for five years as a foreman and superintendent.

Sargent & Sargent Begins

In 1991, Herb R. left H.E. Sargent, Inc., and began his own site preparation company in Bangor, Maine, called Sargent & Sargent.

Sargent Expands to the Mid-Atlantic

In the fall of 1994, H. E. Sargent crews from Maine mobilized to the Baltimore area to cap two landfill facilities for BFI. The owner was happy with the work, which led to us doing more work in the Richmond area. We opened up an office in Ashland, VA in February of 1997.

Sargent Corporation

Sargent & Sargent grew steadily, and in 2005 acquired the assets of H.E. Sargent, Inc. Pictured here are Herb, the grandson and current CEO, and Herb, the founder. He was 99 years old when the companies merged under one banner: Sargent Corporation.

Sargent Corporation Becomes Employee-Owned

From the moment the company acquired 100% of Herb R. Sargent's stock, Sargent became an employee-owned company. This enables our employees to share in the growth and profitability of the company.


Sargent Corporation’s 350+ employees work in seven states and are led by a field management team boasting over 1,000 years of combined experience.