Corporate Responsibility - Sargent

Corporate Responsibility

Sargent believes in supporting our employee-owners in every way possible, which means investing in their health and wellness. We have several different programs to help our people become the best versions of themselves. Additionally, we’re focused on the health of our environment and the success of the communities we work in.

Dig In For Health

Sargent’s dedication to our people led us to launch the Dig in for Health program. Keeping our employees healthy and active is a priority for us.

In March 2007, Sargent implemented a new wellness program called Dig in for Health which promotes health and wellbeing for our employees and their families. This voluntary program provides education, resources, and counseling to those who choose to pursue healthier lifestyle choices. In 2010, Sargent was awarded the Wellness Councils of America’s (WELCOA) Gold Well Workplace designation. This level of dedication continues to this day, as 92% of the company’s employees choose to participate in the Dig in For Health program.

Wellness Program Mission Statement

Sargent’s wellness program is about more than just maximizing our investment in our people — it’s about fostering and growing a true family atmosphere throughout all levels of our company.

We strive to create an environment at Sargent that encourages a safe and healthy workplace, while promoting good health habits at work and at home. Our people are our most valuable resource — we will protect and grow that resource through a quality wellness program designed to support the aspirations of each individual. We encourage each individual to participate, helping them become more productive, happier, and healthier today, preparing them for a long, prosperous life and a dignified, healthy retirement.

Push for Primary Prevention

Wellness and good physical health begin with prevention.

Wellness and good physical health begin with prevention. Obtaining a primary care physician (PCP), getting regular wellness exams, and “knowing your numbers” (blood pressure, cholesterol, and body mass index) are promoted as frontline prevention methods in the Dig in for Health program.

We have incentivized meeting established health benchmarks — all Sargent employees and their spouses are eligible to receive an annual incentive to remain current with their wellness exam through their PCP. This incentive is paid out as either a health savings account deposit (annually) or as a cash bonus. Whether or not the employee or spouse is a member of our health insurance benefit determines how the incentive is paid.