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Careers at Sargent

It takes the best people working together to meet the challenges of large, technical earthmoving projects. It also requires a crew that functions as a family — people who are as loyal to each other as they are to Sargent as a company.

That’s why Sargent maintains the family tradition of rewarding and supporting employee success by investing in its Employee-Owners. Looking out for the best team in the business is an important reason the Sargent name has found itself on select bid lists for decades.

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Main Benefits

From the job site to the homefront, we offer the best in training and development, safety, pay, and benefits, as well as a fleet that is unmatched in the field.

Sargent is an employee-owned company, and we are often looking to add experienced new members to our team.

As a member of the team, you can expect:

Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP)

After six months and 1,000 hours, employees are eligible to participate in the ESOP with no personal contribution required.

Great Benefits

  • Health Insurance with Company Contribution
  • Health Savings Account with Company Contribution
  • Voluntary Dental Insurance
  • Voluntary Disability Coverage (STD & LTD)
  • Life Insurance, AD&D, and Voluntary Life Insurance
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan with Company Match
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
  • Wellness Program with Incentives
  • Holiday Pay
  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Workforce Development & Advancement
  • Travel expenses covered
  • Protective Eye & Footwear Reimbursement
  • Scholarship Opportunities

Who's a Good Fit?

We’re not looking for just anybody — we’re seeking great people who respect our values and give their best effort every single day. Read through the following attributes. Does this sound like you? If so, apply today!

  • Work outdoors
  • Desire to get your hands dirty
  • Love hard work and admiring achievement
  • Creativity
  • Camaraderie
  • Learn every day
  • Upbeat atmosphere

Potential Career Path

1 Laborer

If you don’t have construction experience, you’ll probably start as a laborer. This crucial role includes removing debris from our job sites, loading and unloading materials, shoveling dirt and rocks, pouring concrete and asphalt, doing traffic control, surveying job sites, and more.

2 Pipelayer

Pipelayers are a vital part of our utility crews, as they are in charge of installing pipes for water, sewer, storm, electrical, gas, and telecommunications. Whether we’re installing utilities in an open-cut trench or in a trenchless tunnel, you can bet that pipelayers are an important part of the process.

3 Operator

Equipment operators spend their days in the driver’s seat of dozers, cranes, loaders, graders, pavers, trucks, and more. Operators are a vital part of any construction project, as they dig, carry, level, and smooth each job site. They also get to use some really cool technology, like GPS finishing tools.

4 Foreman

A foreman is the person in charge of each one of our construction crews. These are usually highly experienced employees who know their way around a job site and can help teach and train the next generation of laborers and operators.

5 Superintendent

Superintendents oversee the successful completion of each project and communicate with foremen and general superintendents about each step of the process, from the initial planning to the completion of the job. The superintendent is often responsible for setting schedules, acquiring materials, and assigning crews to each job site.

6 Operations Manager

The general superintendent is a position that requires excellent communication, accurate decision-making, and the ability to lead without hesitation. General superintendents work closely with superintendents to plan out each project and are also heavily involved in budgeting.

Employee Testimonials

“I absolutely love working for Sargent. Being an employee-owner, I seem to take more pride in my work. Not that I didn’t before, but here, it’s my money that is being spent or earned. I don’t ever want to work anywhere else!”

- Shawn Newton, Loader/Operator

“Being an employee-owner makes me feel more valued in the company. I know all companies would say their employees and their work matter, but when you are an employee-owner with shares in the company, there is something more tangible that reflects your hard work, and everyone gets rewarded.”

- Jenny Gallant, Accounts Payable (New England)

“At Sargent, there’s a motivating aspect to do what you can to serve the greater good of the company. This company is filled with great individuals, and if the effort I bring to the table can provide a greater benefit to all of them, that’s a good feeling.”

- Derek Hurst, Wellness Coordinator (New England)

“As an employee-owner, I am part of the Sargent family. When it comes to crunch time, we are definitely a united team!”

- Allyson Dougherty, Payroll Administrator (New England)

Sargent Scholarship

Sargent has two scholarship opportunities available to spouses and children of full-time employees.

The Herbert E. Sargent Scholarship is used to provide scholarship assistance to undergraduate or graduate students with either a financial need or a high academic standing at the University of Maine in Orono. The Sargent Corporation Scholarship is used to providing scholarship aid for deserving graduate or undergraduate students attending any educational institution (except the University of Maine at Orono) offering at least a two year degree, including community colleges and trades schools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sargent currently hiring?

Whether we’re actively hiring or not, we’re always interested in reviewing your resume. If you seem like a good fit for Sargent, we’ll be in touch soon!

Do I need to have experience in the construction industry?

It depends on which position you’re applying for. Generally speaking, we like our foremen and operators to have at least a few years of experience, while our utility crews typically require one year of experience. If you don’t have any experience, but you do have a strong work ethic and you work well with others, we invite you to apply for a laborer position.

Does Sargent provide opportunities for advancement?

We believe in giving opportunities to employee-owners who earn them. Even our current president and CEO Herb R. Sargent started out on the ground floor as a laborer! If you work hard and have a great attitude every day, the sky is truly the limit with Sargent.